April UK PMI Update - Deal agreed with AXA PPP

2 August 2018

Following the recent announcement, April UK has confirmed that an arrangement has been agreed with AXA PPP healthcare where ALL April UK private medical insurance customers, either immediately or at renewal, will be offered access to a new policy with a guarantee of no additional personal medical exclusions forming part of the agreement.

The agreement means that no April UK private medical insurance policyholder will be left without an offer of continuation of their cover at renewal.  This arrangement is not for an automatic policy renewal and customers/brokers will have to apply for it, and medical questions/declarations will still be asked - and will be used - to determine the premium for the new policy.

In simple terms, ALL existing April UK private medical insurance policyholders will be offered access to a new policy, regardless of their claims history (and including policyholders that are mid-claim).  No customer will be rejected, as long as they are eligible for a UK PMI policy, although naturally, premiums will vary depending on the circumstances of the individual customer.

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