The curse of the New Year's resolution - more than half of Brits admit to failure before they even start


It's no surprise that the top health resolution for 2017 is to lose weight, followed by exercising more and being less stressed.

However, in a poll of 2,000 Brits, Bupa found that of the people who said they would be setting a...

Alcohol Awareness - Did you know?


Did you know that alcohol is linked to over 60 medical conditions?  Harms from alcohol go much further than the liver including:

Mouth, throat, stomach, liver and breast cancers: high blood pressure, cirrhosis of the liver; and...

Lung Cancer Awareness Month - Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation


November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

The aim of the campaign is to encourage people displaying common symptoms of lung cancer, such as a persistent cough, breathlessness or unexplained weight-loss, to visit their GP.


World Oral Health Day – 20 March 2016


World Oral Health Day (WOHD) is celebrated every year on 20 March.  It is an international day to celebrate the benefits of a healthy mouth and to promote worldwide awareness of the issues around oral health and the importance of oral hygiene to looking

Nutrition and Hydration Week (14 – 20 March 2016)


Nutrition and Hydration Week - A global challenge The mission is to create a global movement that will reinforce and focus, energy, activity and engagement on nutrition and hydration as an important part of quality care, experience and safety improvement

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