10 Health & Wellbeing Myths Debunked


Many of us will have grown up hearing sayings such as "an apple a day keeps the doctor away", and while most of us will know that there's no truth in this, some health and wellbeing myths can be harder to dispel.  With so many...

The Legacy of the Ice Bucket Challenge - Internet Phenomenon of 2014


Around 2 million videos of shrieking people were uploaded, the official hash tag received over 4 million mentions on Twitter, and 28 million people joined the conversation via posts, likes and challenges(1).

However, for many the...

National Childhood Obesity Week


With schools about to break for summer there is a challenge for parents and grandparents to provide entertainment and wholesome meals for children during the break. 

From 3rd to 9th July, charity MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition...

How temperature affects office productivity


Staff clutching hot water bottles, the challenge of pairing flip flops with suits, fight for desk fans - but problems of workplace temperature aren't just a distraction, they're damaging for productivity.

First, a little game of...

3 Reasons why Mental Health should be on an employer's radar


Mental Health is a growing concern in today's workplace - gaining regular coverage in the news and media.

Psychological illness is now the number one cause of absence in the UK, with one in every four workers experiencing...

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